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A wonderful storytime

Yesterday I hosted Storytime at Fleeting Pages in Pittsburgh. For a holiday weekend, and a sweltering Sunday at that, the turnout was all right. Had I not been away at BEA all last week, I might have held the event last Sunday, but alas. I read two “Tales of Midlandia” stories, The Pirate Koostoe and The First Step. I had only planned on reading one, but I noticed that The First Step had sold out of copies upstairs, so I threw it in. The kids all settled in and enjoyed with little-to-no-fidgeting.

My fellow readers did a bang-up job with their stories, which included a version of Stone Soup and Kat Kong, which I’d never had the pleasure of reading before.

Of course, the main event was the unveiling of Chapter 1 of Latasha and the Little Red Tornado. Even though most of the kids were under the age range for this book (it’s middle grade, so ages 8-12), they all sat still, fully engaged. It was very edifying. Hopefully we’ll have that same response over and over through the summer, to larger and larger crowds. Once I have my ARCs and not just a manuscript, I can’t wait to enter phase two…which I’ll write more about soon!

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