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Final art

A little while back, I posted a sample of the cover art for my upcoming novel. As of Friday evening, the art has been finalized, and I now have the “official” cover to the book. I love the changes my collaborators made–they might appear to be minor, but they make a world of difference (to me, at least).

I’ve been on the road to getting this book out for nearly a year now — a short time in the book world, but man, compared to the pace at which I normally work, it’s a crawl. But now, we’ve got a distribution deal locked in, we’ve got the art finalized, my 200 advance reading copies* are headed to print in the next 36 hours or so…we’re right there on the precipice!

I just hope that the major retailers–the Barnes and Nobles, the Books-a-Millions, what-have-you–are impressed enough to do a decent buy. I feel confident that if we get the book in front of actual consumers, they’ll want it; that’s the general reaction anywhere I take the picture books, and anyone who has read a manuscript for Latasha 1) tells me about a kid they know who will love it and 2) asks how they can get the book for said kid. But convincing retailers that I’m worth the risk, as an unknown writer coming from an unknown publisher…well, it’s a bigger leap.

Anyhow, for your enjoyment, here is the official cover to Latasha and the Little Red Tornado…I’m so proud that it will be the “face” of my book. To get a look at it, click here!

* For those who are unfamiliar: Advance reading copies (ARCs) are bound paperback versions of a book that go out to reviewers, bloggers, and other media outlets, as well as retailers and any other interested parties, several months in advance of the book’s actual public release.

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