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Sunny storytime

Today, I made an appearance at a family event hosted by the wonderful Pittsburgh non-profit, Venture Outdoors. There were arts and crafts, bike rentals, tasty snack-upons, a rock climbing wall…and me, local author extraordinaire, manning a storytelling tent.

From 12 noon until 4, sun-tempered kids from toddler to teen trickled in and sat for stories. I had brought with me a selection of 5 picture books from my Tales of Midlandia series, all focused on outdoor activity. Four were summer stories, one was wintry–guess which one ended up getting the most requests? I guess the kids wanted to hear about a place that was a little cooler than the 97-degree scorcher of which we were in the midst. So Beaker’s Winter Wonders it was.

All in all, I read those five stories over a dozen times total, entertaining parents and kids alike. (The artwork and the wordplay seemed to impress in roughly equal measures–insanely flattering, since the artwork is phenomenal.) I also got to talk up Latasha in between sessions, so I inched forward on that front.

The only catch on the day, aside from the sweltering heat, is that my voice was seriously strained by the end; not just because of the amount of wordage, but also because I was competing with the Top-40-style DJ at the other end of the park the whole time. But no worries. With honeyed tea, I am recovering–and I can’t wait until next month’s event, at Allegheny Commons on 8/27. It’s going to be an awesome way to reach a lot of Pittsburgh families. More to come!

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