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The author returns!

My apologies for the weeks of silence. It’s been a crazy, wonderful time! Between trips with my wife and preparations to get this novel out, my time has been 100% spoken for.

Today I will be receiving my ARCs from our printer. 175 of them, to be exact. A number of them are already tied up with sending to reviewers, bloggers, and so on, but there will be others available for general buzz-building. If you want to play pass-the-novel with some of your friends, just let me know — I’ll likely be able to set you up.

Anyhow, seeing the novel in print marks the end of a yearlong journey for me. It began with a very rough outline, which I rediscovered while cleaning my desk for the first time in months and months. I was astounded to discover how much of the final book was right there in the outline. There is one major thread that doesn’t appear at all, but the broad strokes of the main themes, the *why* — as in, why do I need to write this now — it’s right there. As I begin to outline a sequel to this first novel, it’s quite heartening to find that first bit of scribbling. (Actually, it’s block printing. I guess that’s the influence of my engineer dad for you.)

Yeah, by the way, you read it here first. October next year, there will be a sequel to this first book coming out. I don’t have a title yet, but I know why I have to write it. Let the outlining begin!

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