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The presale begins…

You know what makes a writer feel indie? Finding your book on IndieBound.

You know what makes a writer feel really hip? Finding your book at Powell’s.

You know what makes a writer feel mainstream? Finding your book on Barnes & Noble.

You know what makes a writer feel like he’s dodged a bullet? Not finding your book on Borders. (Sorry, Borders, just trying to be topical.)


/end self promotion

So the book is up for pre-order. The synopsis and artwork are not there for each site (that’s being handled presently), and there are some oddities popping up (you can buy the book on Amazon UK and Amazon Canada, but not on Amazon US) but the book is officially Out There. And I know folks are getting it, because B&N’s site showed me what folks who bought my book also bought. (Rick Riordan, if you were wondering.)

Once this quirky Amazon thing straightens itself out, I do believe my noggin will swell to roughly the size of a weather balloon. Perhaps I’ll float off to a tropical locale and rest a while.

Coming soon — Latasha‘s very first review, courtesy of a very kindly blogger.

(Also, if you are an interested book reviewer, I still have a good stock of ARCs left. Just e-mail me.)

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