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There *are* other books out there…

As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, I talk a lot about my own work. I’ve very much fallen into “book promotion” mode, which is a very time consuming state of being. So, tonight, I’m quite consciously taking a moment to not discuss Latasha and the Little Red Tornado

(Coming from Midlandia Press on November 15th!)

Levity, levity. But really, while I think my book is just great — and others are beginning to as well — there are other terrific titles that I can’t help but eagerly share. At the top of my list…for your consideration:

Here isPeter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes: A Story the wonderful Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes, written and illustrated by Jonathan Auxier.

I’ve known Jonathan for some time, on account of the fact that we both went through the same MFA program (he finished the year before I started). He’s one of the seven genuinely nice people living in Los Angeles, and he’s a darn good writer to boot. So, I eagerly acquired an advance copy of this, his first novel, while I was at BEA last May. I began reading it mere hours after BEA ended — both because I was excited for a friend, and because my flight home got canceled at the last minute and I needed a distraction from the quaking anger I felt at a particularly rude US Air agent.

Sirs and Madames, was this book ever a perfect distraction. The opening of Peter Nimble is like a master class in how to set a tone; it immediately made me forget my frustration, as well as just about everything else around me. I was immersed. I read in the airport. I read on the shuttle. I read in my hastily arranged hotel room in Queens (over a convenience store sandwich and a few bottles of Presidente, the beer of true desperation).

If not for my sheer exhaustion, I would have finished the book that same night — instead, I had to settle for reading the final act of Peter’s adventures on the plane ride(s) home. (LGA to Ron Reagan in DC to Pittsburgh, in case you were curious.)

This is a five stars out of five kind of book for me, the kind that you should own multiple copies of — one for the shelf, and one to lend to friends. Help a good guy and a great writer out by supporting Peter Nimble!

Perhaps I’ll plug more books later — but for now, it’s time to call it an evening. Farewell…

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  1. […] Michael is a fellow graduate of the CMU Dramatic Writing program.  He lives in Pittsburgh and writes books for children — his upcoming novel, Latasha and the Little Red Tornado, hits stores this November. (He also wrote a pretty nice Peter Nimble review here!) […]

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