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Week at a close

What a week it has been. I spent much of it in promotion mode, as per usual, but I also got to do a bit of reading and reflecting, as well as planning for the next manuscript. I’ve got a great bank of ideas lined up, now it’s just time to put them in the appropriate order, and hone and hone. While I love the work I’ve done in the past year, I’m terribly excited to start something new.

So, what else is going on? Ah. I got to have a neat first yesterday. I had my picture in the paper! I’ve had editorial stuff printed before, and my work has been featured (I made a film in ’04 that got a bit of local press), but never a photo. You can view the article on the website for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; it’s mostly about my publisher, though it also features a bit of info about me and Latasha (and, of course, the aforementioned photograph, taken at the fence beside my house). It’s a good article, all in all, and it discusses a couple things I didn’t even know all the details about — for instance, how there will be about 500 kids using my book as part of their school curriculum this winter! (I did know about the curriculum deal, obviously, just not the numbers. 500 kids! Awesome!)

Also, today, I discovered that I’ll be making a book-related trip this January. I get to go to Dallas for the ALA Midwinter Meeting! For those who might not know — twice a year the American Library Association has a gathering for librarians and other book industry types. One is the ALA Annual (this year’s was in New Orleans), and the other is this Midwinter deal. It’s where the Newbery, the Caldecott, and a whole scad of other major awards are announced. Anyhow, my publisher is going to have an exhibiting booth, and I, along with two illustrators, get to come along! I am thrilled, positively thrilled.

And exhausted. Cheers!

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