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A weekend of action

What an eventful few days it has been!

The weekend kicked off with a small gathering with some of the other members of the Pittsburgh 40 Under 40 list. We learned about each others’ businesses and talked about ways to help each other. A great group of people, doing all sorts of interesting things!

I spent Saturday about an hour outside the city, in a town called Bridgewater, PA, at an event called the Bridgewater BookFest. It was a five-hour event celebrating local and regional authors, featuring about 30 writers, food, drink, lectures, and a splendid children’s tent (though I will admit, the roaming ventriloquist, though skilled at her craft, kind of skeeved me out). Anyhow, I spent that five hours meeting people, shaking hands with kids, and talking up a storm about what I and Midlandia Press have in store for the next few months.

I really need to enlist a photographer for these events; I had a pretty darn nice setup, with a lot of visitors, and almost no visual record to show for it! If anyone wants to be my personal photographer, I will give you all the Monopoly money you could dream for.

Sunday was a quieter day. A day for quieter reflection (punctuated by bursts of football). Really, though: you all know what that day was, you all have feelings about it, so I won’t fill the page with my own take.

Which brings us up to yesterday. I wrote a nice chunk of manuscript and took a research adventure into downtown — I checked out a tourist attraction that Latasha and her dad might visit. Lastly, I finalized the first date of audio recording for the iPad apps that Midlandia Press is developing from my picture book series.

Say what? Yes, Midlandia Press is taking my picture books and developing them to be fully interactive apps for sale in Apple’s App Store. What’s more, I’ve been invited to narrate the apps for the “read to me” function. I just had to find a bit of time with the audio engineer that fit my schedule. So, later this week…onward to digital immortality!

So that’s what is happening in the world of me. I’ll keep you posted about the iPad things…who knows, maybe I’ll be able to share a bit of the process. But that one’s not my call, so we shall see. Either way, updates as  they come!

PS: Happy book birthday to Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick. The book is a deceptively quick read, and it will make you smile, frown, laugh and cry.


2 responses to “A weekend of action”

  1. Georgette N. says:

    It was nice meeting you at BookFest. I feel bad that you don’t have a pic of your display because it was really nice. (I looked thru some of the photos I took, and I don’t have one, unfortunately.) If you’re ever at another event, and you see someone with a camera, just ask them to take a quick pic and email it – most folks will oblige – especially those children’s book fans and authors; they’re such a supportive group! Best of luck to you!

  2. bunniemagyk says:

    This is so awesome! Hopefully the apps will work on the IPods also. would love to be able to have Lucas hear you read the stories to him! Movin’ on up Cuz! You are taking the world on :)

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