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How to Make a Writer’s Day, Part II

This weekend was a bit less eventful than the last; I spent time catching up with my family, which has been much-missed this past month. (I’m very close with my folks — my wife’s, too, for that matter.) I even got to visit with my brother, who is a 5th grade teacher in Florida. He came up north for a friend’s wedding, and I was especially grateful for the few hours we got to spend together.

Anyhow, I don’t have any exciting new updates or musings of particular depth. I just wanted to share this nifty piece of mail I received. You may remember that in a previous post, I shared a letter I had gotten from a young fan. It was my first bona fide piece of fan mail, and it made me exceedingly happy. At that time, though, the girl was only part-way through my book. Recently, she finished Latasha and felt compelled to write me once again. Her note reached my hands today, and now I share it with you. Here is its envelope:

A fancy new envelope

In case you can’t tell, these flower patterns are actually glued-on layers, not just drawn. Here is what came inside this crafty casing:

These kinds of letters remind me for whom I am writing — that most important audience to please, readers like this fan above.  I’m glad that I am doing my job!

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