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Book release week, Part II: Many places at once!

Happy book birthday to me! With two big assists from the Internet, I am going to celebrate the release of Latasha and the Little Red Tornado this morning by being in three places simultaneously.

First, come and visit me over at ReaderGirls for a quick author spotlight, in which I revisit a school event I covered earlier on this blog, but from a different angle. Here’s a taste:

“I’ve spent a lot of time deciding what to share in the space I have. I’ll begin with an anecdote: about a month ago, I was in Battle Creek, MI for an elementary school visit. It was the first big assembly I had ever done, and believe me, there is quite a difference between standing before a classroom of 20, and a gymnasium of 120. The room was large, and I felt quite small at the front of it. To be honest, I’m not sure how the presentation went. I know I made it through, and I think it even went well. But despite it lasting a full half an hour, I can hardly recall a single detail about it. It’s an adrenaline-drenched blur. The Q&A session that followed, however — that, I can safely say, I will remember always.”

What made the Q&A so memorable? You’ll have to go on over to ReaderGirls to find out!

Speaking of Q&As, my second stop of the day is over at Book Nut, where I answer 10 questions about my real-life inspirations for Latasha, the challenges of picture books vs. novels, and what’s next on the horizon. Check it out! (And if you want to read their original review of Latasha, click here.)

And speaking of what’s next on the horizon…I have to get ready for my third engagement now, seeing as it’s a little out of town and requires me to be there in person. That’s right; it’s another school visit! Third and fourth graders of NEEL Elementary School, I’ll see you in a little while.

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