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Holiday “Gift-Away” — Free Stuff Within!

EDIT: The contest mentioned in this post is now closed — thanks, entrants! I hope anyone who missed the cutoff will go ahead and get one for themselves; the app is $0.99 until January 3rd! (Regular price is $2.99.)


What a crazy couple of days it’s been! My publisher’s The Pirate Koostoe storybook for the iPad is taking off and getting a wonderful response.

Here’s what our first reviewer, Fun Educational Apps, had to say: “It is a top quality storybook app for iPadA new treasure for Fun Educational Apps Top Picks list!

The app is also on track to be “App of the Week” at iHeartThisApp — as long as voting continues today as it has the past two. (Hint.)

The app even sneaked onto the Top 100 chart for paid Book apps in the App Store (we maxed out yesterday at #77).

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to sell you the app. Not today.

I’m trying to give you the app.

That’s right — on this website and on Facebook, I’m running a 10-copy Pirate Koostoe app “gift-away.” How does it work?

Step 1. Own an iPad, or know someone with an iPad who might like the app.

Step 2. Be among the first 10 to contact me, either via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

That’s it — no liking, following, or hoop-jumping required. (Though I do enjoy ‘likes’ and ‘follows’.) All you have to do is contact me, privately send me the email address linked to your iTunes account, and I will literally buy a copy of the app on your behalf. Heck, if you don’t own an iPad, but you have a friend who does? Give me the email address *they* use for iTunes, and I’ll buy *them* the app.

For those who missed any previous post, here’s the app’s trailer/video demo:

I hope to hear from you!

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