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Happy New Year!

I had much to be grateful for in 2011. I’m grateful to have had my first novel, “Latasha and the Little Red Tornado,” come out on sale, and I’m pleased with the critical reaction, which has provided a big boost as I complete the book’s sequel. It’s been a thrill to have been part of the team that made the The Pirate Koostoe iPad app, and so edifying to see the universally positive response. Here’s how the last bit of news we got for the year: The iPad Fan review.

More than anything, though, I’m grateful for the online book community of which I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a part. It’s made my reading life so much more fun and diverse, and it’s helped me to hone my craft as a writer. If you’re a kid-lit writer (published or aspiring), I without reservation encourage you to follow the hashtag #nerdybookclub, and participate in the always-illuminating #kidlitchat (Tuesdays @ 9pm EST) and #mglitchat (Thursdays @ 9pm EST).

2011 has given me many blessings; 2012 looks even more promising. With all the promise of the new year comes a promise from me: I’m going to give more back. I want to give more of myself to my readers on here, which means writing more regularly, and I want to give as much back to the online community as it has given to me. That means writing more for other websites, promoting others’ work with the same enthusiasm I show for mine, sharing my knowledge of craft more openly.

So, my first contribution to the community will be coming on Tuesday. I’ll be guest-blogging on at the Nerdy Book Club blog — which should be part of your daily blogroll anyhow. Over there, I’ll be sharing a bit about my reading life, in the form of a never-before-shared personal essay.

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