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Free Ideation & Storyboarding Webinar

I mentioned this in passing in a previous post, but thought that it merited another mention on its own.

Tomorrow, Feburary 8th, at 3:30pm EST, I’ll be presenting a free webinar for parents, mentors, and educators on how to support the creative development of the budding young writers in their lives. The focus of the webinar is on ideation and storyboarding, and how adults can help kids hone their skills in both areas. Here’s a glimpse of the cover page (click it to enlarge):

I’m truly excited to present this webinar — partly because I am grateful for the chance to present to adults, which will be an interesting change of pace, and partly because of who is hosting it. The webinar will be brought to you by WQED — which you may recognize, if you’ve played with my little Pittsburgh random-fact generator, as the very first community-supported television station in the country. It’s the literal home of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood — no, really, I’ll be doing the webinar one floor directly above where the show was filmed. Pret…ty…awesome!

Anyhow. I got invited to do this webinar specifically for families in the “PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest,” but it is free to anyone. All you have to do is register here. I’ll be speaking for about a half an hour, and then the floor opens up to the audience for Q&A. I hope to hear from you!

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