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I’m in Cincinnati today!

Friends: I’m doing a book signing at 2pm today for Latasha and the Little Red Tornado at the blue manatee children’s bookstore and decafe, in Cincinnati, OH. Free to all to attend, and books will be on sale at the store. Here’s the flyer for the event (click to make it full-size):

I do hope I’ll see you and your young ones there!


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  1. Anita Phillips says:

    Hi Michael. I wish I would have known about your signing. iwould have been there with my Grandchildren. I will be purchasing your book. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! I know the work that goes into a book, as I am presently working on a children’s book. I am working on the Query. Michael, did you use an agent? I have been told not too. It is all overwhelming. :) I have really enjoyed writing and I am very determined. Your book looks terrific and I am excited to read it too the Grandchildren!!! :) Again a huge congratulations!!!! I hope your signing went great. My friend is doing signings now, and I know it can be alot of work. :)

    • Hi Anita, too bad I missed you! If you’re going to get Latasha, make sure it’s from Blue Manatee; I signed a few extra copies for them before I left, so you’ll still be able to get an autographed book!

      As far as the agent thing goes…personally, I don’t have one. But, my situation is a pretty unusual one. The traditional way to go is to get an agent who will work with you to get the best price for your book with a publisher. Acquiring an agent is tricky, but they can definitely help you navigate the difficult waters of publishing a book.

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