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My Impending Florida Trip

Gosh, it’s been a busy week. Between writing and appearance planning, I’ve had barely a minute to spare. Right now, I have in the works school visits in PA, OH, NY, CA, and FL…and those are just the states I’m doing in person. (WI and MI are strictly virtual for now.)

Florida, right now, is my big target. That is because my flights are booked, and I will absolutely, positively be down there from the early morning of April 18th until April 22nd! If you’re going to the 2012 Florida Library Association conference in Orlando, certainly come by my author table. And if you’re anywhere near Port St. Lucie — well, come right on by the St. Lucie County Reading Festival. It’s at Digital Domain Park — aka where the New York Mets train. (For someone whose first baseball hero was Daryl Strawberry — back before all the troubles — it’s pretty neat.)

I’m really excited about the trip. After all, my brother the 5th grade teacher lives down there, so I get to spend a good deal of time with him and his lovely wife. The bummer of the trip is that my own lovely wife can’t come with me. The especially rather-lame part of this is that April 20th is my birthday, so I’ll be spending it on the road.

Hopefully, though, I’ll be able to keep as busy as I’d like. To that end, I’m really digging in to making school visits happen. Of course, I’m running up against the FCATs, which doesn’t smooth the road much for me — but we’ll see what happens. So far, I’m looking at maybe doing a school in the Tampa area on the 18th. Essentially, I’d: land in Orlando, rent a car, drive to Tampa, visit a school, drive back to Orlando, register at the conference and get to signing those books!

(If all goes to plan, Drive-to-City-X will represent a significant portion of my itinerary on this trip.)

What I really want, though, is to pack the 20th. Otherwise, I’ll spend the day languishing by my lonesome — and on my birthday, no less. My bullseye for the day would be Ft. Lauderdale, with any school within an hour or so of there being a possibility. So the question is: anybody know an elementary media specialist or teacher in that range who wants a free author visit for their students? It could be a nice respite from all that FCAT-ing.

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