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A Week of Visits

What a jam-packed week it’s been! I had in-person and/or virtual visits with schools on four consecutive days, which took a toll on my vocal chords, but certainly not my spirit. I had such an amazing time with all of the students I met! First, to the Building Blocks Academy in Baden, PA — thanks for having me this Tuesday. It was fun to experiment with live-narrating my The Pirate Koostoe iPad app.

Of course, Wednesday and Thursday were Skyping days, in honor of World Read Aloud Day. A total of seven sessions between the two days. I mostly read my Tales of Midlandia picture book, Nothing but the Truth, complete with silly voices for all of the characters. I’m pretty sure my Ink-voice got the biggest reaction. If you’d like to check out recaps from a couple of the classrooms I visited, I suggest you look here and here. The teachers in these classrooms took great pictures and wrote some very kind things, so special thanks to Mr. Sharp and “Library Lady” for keeping a record!

Friday saw me reading to the 1st grade students of Hance Elementary School, in Gibsonia, PA. After seeing the Skype-reaction to Nothing but the Truth, I decided to do that again, in addition to my “Rules For Writers” program and usual Q&A. The kids had so many awesome questions, they made the 45 minutes fly right by.

I’d write more about each visit, because this was seriously an A+ kind of week — but frankly, I’m exhausted! Besides, I have to pack. I’m flying out to Seattle tomorrow at the crack of dawn with my wife for a nine-day “rest on the West.”

Well, that’s not totally true — it’s going to be eight days, divided by one where I work really hard. On that day, I’m visiting Shell Beach Elementary School, out in Shell Beach, CA. If you know that area at all, you already know that Shell Beach is an area right within Pismo Beach — a.k.a., the place where my next book is set! So I’m taking the opportunity to do a couple assemblies there, and also shoot some footage for the book trailer. I’ve got what I think will be a pretty cool idea, as long as I can pull it together.

Oh! And one more thing. If you know any indie bookshops in the Central Coast area of Cali, I would love recommendations. Not to market myself — just to explore and maybe get a beach read. Thanks!


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  1. ashley says:

    your puppy video is so so so cute if thats your puppy tell him i said hi :) he’s so funny :)

  2. ashley says:

    i love the book postcards from pismo i hope i can get to read it :))

  3. please right back to me you might have saw me at west hempfield elementary school i loved what you talked about to the school i think your a great auther and you come up with the best books i really like postcards from pismo and latasha and the red tornado seems like a nice book to pleeease right back sincerely your friend ashley :)

  4. i really love your books they are all nice i bet everybody loves them :) :) :) :)

  5. i hope you can too that would be awesome

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