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The Company We Keep

They say you’re only as good as the company you keep. With that in mind, when Builda the Re-Bicycler for the iPad debuted, here is the company it kept:

We topped out at #7 on our release date in the US! (As well as #7 in Canada, and top-ten in more!)

Of course, now the app is at its regular price, which basically hits the reset button on rankings. But thanks so much to everyone who downloaded it on the debut day — and thanks to everyone else who buys it down the line.

If you did partake in the Builda giveaway extravaganza, there is something you could do to help me and Midlandia Press: rate, review, and share. The only way Midlandia will be able to keep making awesome apps from my storybooks (and sometimes even give them away) is if we get a little help from our users. So if you liked the app, tell a friend. I’d be much obliged.

And happy Earth Day!


2 responses to “The Company We Keep”

  1. Colby says:

    Exciting news! Congrats, Michael.

  2. Don Group says:

    Great job Mike and all of the people that have made this happen. It’s great to see an idea that was just being kicked around come to life.

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