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The Joys of Giving

EDIT: The giveaway is closed…thanks, all!


If you’ve been a regular reader on here, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of giving things away. Advance books, actual books, mix CDs, apps — whatever I’ve got, I tend to want to give at least some of it away. Partly it’s a promotional thing. Obviously, I want more people to be exposed to my work, and if giveaways do the job, then giveaways I will have.

But on a more human level, I genuinely enjoy giving gifts — gifts of all kinds. Even to strangers. I guess you could call me a leave-extra-money-in-the-parking-meter kind of guy. And I’m a big fan of paying kindness forward.

Which brings me to today’s post. I’m in the mood to push some good vibes into the universe. And, let’s be honest, I’m in the mood to promote that new iPad app that I’ve been pushing the last few days (which, thanks to a couple thousand intrepid souls, is already doing quite well). I see a way of doing both things at the same time.

Today, I’d like to give away 5 copies of the Builda the Re-Bicycler iPad app. Trailer:

I’ll give the app away to the first five people who reach out to me. It can be a comment on here, an email, a Twitter message, a Facebook wall post…you get the idea. Anything goes. All I need from you is the email address you use for your iTunes account — which will not be stored in any way once the transaction is complete.

There is one condition, of course. (There always is, isn’t there?) But it’s not your typical “Join our mailing list,” “Follow me on Twitter,” kind of requirement. If I gift you an app, here is what I want in return: you agree that, if you enjoy the app — and only if you enjoy it — you gift it to someone else. And maybe ask them to do the same, continuing the gift chain one-to-one, without any “viral” nonsense.

One last note. Recipients: if you anything-less-than-love the app, there is no need to pass it on. This is an honor-system deal; I won’t be following up or checking in. However, if you truly would never under any circumstance pay a gift forward…kindly don’t request a copy. This giveaway, to be frank, is not for you.

Okay — let the experiment begin!

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