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The Hempfield Area SD Tour

This week, I completed a mini-tour of several of the elementary schools in Hempfield Area School District, about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. I visited four schools and spoke in front of approximately 2,000 students in K-5th grade, and I also presented to roughly 150 parents in two pairs of seminars about encouraging creativity in the home.

What a wonderful journey it was through the district. At each school, I got a rockstar welcome, attentive audiences, and lots of insightful questions — basically, these guys spoiled the heck out of me, and they inspired me to be the absolute best I could be. For that I am truly grateful.

So, thank you in chronological order to Fort Allen, Stanwood, West Hempfield, and Bovard Elementary Schools. Each school and everyone in it was incredible — but I’d like to give a special shoutout to Bovard, since it was a Bovard teacher who set this whole fabulous experience in motion.

Everywhere I went, I got a wonderful welcome with tons of artwork inspired by my books all over the walls — these ranged from posters to cards to laminated place-mats. As my thank you to the staff and students at Bovard, I’d like to share some of their artwork. Such as:

Totally sweet! I’d love to share every single piece of cool art the students made, but that would take at least 50 photos, and I don’t want to keep you here all night. So, here’s just a sampling of some of the awesomeness.

Here’s Be a Buddy, Not a Bully and Builda the Re-Bicycler:

Along with Nothing but the Truth and The Pirate Koostoe:

And finally, my novels:

Thanks again, kids! I sure do hope I can visit again sometime.

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