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Two Bits of Thanks

First, old friends — thanks for the letters of support about my cousin. He’s doing better. Not awake yet — but he’s responding to stimuli, and the doctors are very optimistic that he’ll make a full recovery.

Second, new friends — thanks to all the kids I met today while speaking at the Allegheny County Children’s Choice Awards! I had a great time with all three groups, and I hope you enjoyed my talk. Great questions from all of you! I know one of the presentations was filmed, so hopefully I’ll have some linkage for those of you who couldn’t make it. I had a fantastic time.

And literally millions have already spoken on this, Tweeted, posted, what have you — but what kind of kid-lit writer would I be if I didn’t mention it? RIP, Maurice. The world got a little grayer this morning when you left it.

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