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ALA Annual – Postscript

I’m almost fully over the jetlag from my trip to the Wild West, so I wanted to do a quick write-up.

First, and most importantly, thanks to all of my new visitors who met me at the Midlandia Press booth! (Here it is, pre-show.)

It was awesome to meet everyone, and I hope to work with you on Skype visits for your students and patrons. When I say that these visits are my favorite thing about being a writer (next to typing “the end,” of course), that’s no laugh-line. It’s the stone truth.

What an exciting and exhausting week it’s been! I think I said “hi there!” about 2,000 times, all the while handing off our many giveaways.

My favorite giveaways were the posters, which I wish I’d have been able to save for my own wall.

Incidentally, if you have posters from our booth and they end up on your library wall, please do email the folks at Midlandia Press, who I’m sure would love to see that. And if you took a picture with me, please email it here. It’ll go up on my Pinterest, for sure!

One of the highlights for the trip had to be my signing, in which I turned a silo of books…

…into an empty table with a few stray Sharpie smears. (I’m left-handed, what can I say?)

All in all, this was a fantastic trip filled with new friends, shared laughter, and many, many delicious tacos. (If you’re ever in Anaheim, check out…pretty much every taco place there.)

And yet, despite the copious taco-tude, the best part of my trip came at the very end, after I’d returned to Pittsburgh, to greet my very excited, very wiggly, real-life little red tornado. She licked, and whipped, and spun, and dashed with me in the yard, and then, happily wound down and took a nice nap in the chair next to her dad’s writing desk.

I knew exactly how she felt.

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