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ALA Annual – Prologue

I’ll try and get this written before the pilot begins the final descent and I’ve got to turn my iPad back off. I’m flying in to Dallas on my way out west to Anaheim for the ALA Annual conference. If you’ll be there, shout out to me here or on Twitter — I love meeting my online pals in person.

I’ll be around for the whole conference, but I’ll be holding a small signing for Postcards from Pismo at the Midlandia Press booth (#2738 on the west wall). The signing will start at 11am on Sunday, June 24 and run until about noon. Hope to see you there!

PS, Midlandia Press has about 600 cool Tales of Midlandia posters, signed by me and the art team, for you or your library. Well, 599. I’m certainly taking one, and I suggest you do the same!

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