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Help a School Library in Need

I just read about a school in my hometown that could use your help. Their school library is in need of some beefing up, and I, for one, would like to donate. Read all about it at Yinzercation. They’ll be receiving a package from me later today!


3 responses to “Help a School Library in Need”

  1. Sheila May-Stein says:

    Mr. Scotto, thank you so much for blogging about the situation at Pgh Manchester K-8. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the kind of Pittsburgh pride folks have, and in the way they display what is so unique about us: we care. We open our wallets and help each other. For us, inequity is unacceptable. Now we have to build on what was started by this social media movement and open our eyes to all the inequities in our schools and work to mend them. We can’t stop. We have to be ruthless. If we decide our vision for Pittsburgh is that every single child PPS gets a $40,000 scholarship for college, (which, when I tell my out-of-town friends about, they are simply incredulous!) we have to also decide that each PPS child is PROMISE READY– fully prepared to excel once they get to college. That starts with small class sizes, school nurses, healthy school lunches, wonderful playgrounds, school counselors, human infrastructure to make everything work– and accredited school librarians in every school with a generous book budget and the technology required to help kids face the 21st century. We can do it– in the words of Charlie Skinner from the HBO show The Newsroom– if we just decide to.

  2. I’m so glad that I was able to help — and so proud of the outpouring from our community. Good readers make for good thinkers and good citizens, and I think that strong libraries are something we should consider all of our children to be “entitled” to.

  3. Jane McKee says:

    Thank you from another Pittsburgh Public School Librarian. Our plight has been on the back burner for so long, it’s great to see so much attention being given to an important part of our children’s education. And when I say ‘our children’, both Sheila and I are not only PPS employees, but also parents of children in the district.

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