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Postcards from Pismo Giveaway

Can you believe November is just a stone’s throw away? I don’t know where this year has gone!

Anyhow, November is just a few weeks out, and with it comes Veterans Day. To mark the holiday, I’m hosting a giveaway of my novel, Postcards from Pismo, over on Goodreads. I’ll be giving away signed copies of the book to two lucky winners on November 7th, so that they can arrive anywhere in the US in time for Veterans Day.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Postcards from Pismo by Michael Scotto

Postcards from Pismo

by Michael Scotto

Giveaway ends November 07, 2012.

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at Goodreads.

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Postcards from Pismo is a military-themed novel, but I should probably note, seeing as it’s election time, it doesn’t really have a political take. That sort of thing just didn’t fit the story I wanted to tell; it’s the tale of a bullied boy, a lonely soldier, and their friendship. It can be enjoyed by any kid. Check out the trailer and be sure to enter!

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