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I Want You!

To review my book, that is. The book in question? Why, this one, of course.

Why do I want you, specifically, to review my book? Because I’ve had two novels published, and from that experience I’ve learned that my online community of readers — bloggers, educators, fellow book-nerds — are my absolute best promoters. From the beginning, your positive word of mouth has been my best friend — and that’s lucky for me, because Midlandia Press’s marketing budget looks something like this:

(Artist’s representation. Not to scale.)

There are two ways you can get to review copies of my new novel, Latasha and the Kidd on Keys. The first is through NetGalley, and the second is through Edelweiss. Both of these are free services for booksellers, educators, librarians, media professionals, book bloggers, reviewers — you get the picture. My publisher has listed my book with both services. Reader accounts are super easy to set up, if you don’t have one. Once you’re ready, just request the book. It’s more than likely you’ll be approved. Here are the links for Latasha on both services:

I need your eyes, friends. More importantly, I need your voices. I hope you’ll grab your eARC today and give this upcoming title a read. Cheers!


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  1. Hello Michael. I signed up with Net Galley and downloaded your book Latasha and The Kid On Keys to review it. Unfortunately I could not open the book with my Adobe reader. What reader should I open the book with? Thank you in advance.



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