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All right — so I’ve decided that I’ve either got to shutter this ‘blog’ thing, or start writing in it more regularly. Right now, regularity wins the day. I’ve decided that I will post a minimum of three times a week on here.

From here on out, I’ll be posting at a minimum on Tuesdays, on Thursdays, and on Fridays. These are the days where I’ll write regular features.

First up (starting tomorrow), will be Teacher Tuesday. On this day, I will write about both formal educators that inspire me from near and far, and also folks who have contributed informally, perhaps even unbeknownst to them, to my personal education. This list is nearly endless and constantly growing, so I’ll have no shortage of subjects. I may never finish, but each and every one of these folks deserve to be recognized.

Second will be Writer Wednesdays, where I comment on what I’m working on, or pull back the curtain a bit on my process and the profession of being a writer.

Lastly, inspired by the Twitter hashtag of the same name (which you should totally track for great reading suggestions), my last feature will be FridayReads, where I talk about the great stuff I’m either currently reading or have recently read.

So there we go. Three features. Knowing me and how I write, that’ll be a possible black hole for my spare time. (Maybe I’ll discuss that on Wednesday!) But I just get this feeling that the blog is in danger of becoming nothing more than a constant commercial for my latest book giveaway, or some BUY MY BOOK advertisement, which is not what I want it to be. I can and should give more.

PS: There will still be a smidge of that buy-my-book type stuff. (For instance, I’ve got a new Kindle Single, a short story, that will be going live not long from now; even sooner, I’ve got a giveaway for Latasha and the Kidd on Keys.) But I’m going to work harder to earn it.

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