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A Special Message

To the kids I’ll be seeing all next week:


Seriously, guys, I am so excited. How excited? This excited:


At every single stop on my trip, I promise you this: we’re going to get a little loud, we’re going to get a little silly, and we’re going to have a lot of fun talking about reading, writing, and using your imagination. I look forward to your smiling faces and your questions. :)


20 responses to “A Special Message”

  1. Mrs. Zastrow's 2nd Class Dodgeland says:

    Well, you are coming to the right school (especially this class) for having fun with reading, writing, and learning! We can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Mr. Sharp's Student says:

    Dear Mr.Scotto,

    Thank you so much for visiting our school!I was so exited when you came.When you talked about the 4 rules I thought they were great ones. THe one that really stuck out me was the 3rd, imagine. Right when you started talking about the what if to game I zoned out thinking about a cool story! By the way how are Latasha, and Felix and of course, Ella?

  3. Mr.Sharp's student says:

    Dear Mr.Scotto

    Thank you for coming to are school. Thanks for teaching me about the 4 thing you have to do to write it will help me. When you left me and my friend got a piece of paper and wrote a little bit of a book that we made up. If you remember me I was the one that asked what your next book was called. That game what if what was made me come up with the 1 chapter.
    From Your friend,

    • Dear Zan,

      That’s SO awesome that you started writing something from the what-if game. Just remember to ask yourself “What next?”…and then, WRITE IT! :)

      Your friend,
      – Michael

  4. Mr.Sharp' s student says:

    Dear.Mr Scotto,

    Thank you for visting our school I enjoyed listening to your 4 writing rules I can remember all of them 1.read 2.listen 3.imagination 4.practice practice practice.those 4 rules will help me as a writer and the what if game will help me to. I can’t wait to read Latasha And the Kidd On Keys I am going to buy it from Barnes and Noble.We just finished Postcards From Pismo.

    From your friend,

  5. Mr. Sharps student says:

    Dear Michael Scotto,

    Thanks for coming to our school on 2/28/13 I could not wait till Mr. sharp said you were coming.I enjoyed your four comments you said 1. read 2. listen 3. inmagian 4. practice practice practice. You are one of my favorite authors ever.Thank you for sinning my schools books. I cant wait to read my 2 books pismo and latasha and the little red tornado.

    From your friend,

  6. mr sharp's student says:

    Dear Mr Scotto

    We are so happy you came. I got a sussgestion for a book
    It would be called the shadows. It would be a sequel to Latasha but it
    would be the dog’s side of the story of how the dog lost his leg.
    It would be like the dog can write or something like that.
    Mabey that could surprise Mr Sharp. { Ha ha ).
    your pal Brett Walsh.
    Ps Mabey that would surprise him wouldent it?

  7. Mr. Sharp's student says:

    Dear Mr.Scotto

    ‘Thank you for coming I was,nt here when you stared but when
    I saw you it was awesome!It was the best feeling in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Sat down I wanted to know what you were going to say.I am a huge fan have love the 4 ruels I’ll try use when I can. Have awesome day.

    from your friend Tanner

  8. Mr. Sharp's student says:

    Dear Mr. Scotto,

    thank you so so so much for coming to our school! You changed me as a writter I promise I will pratice,read,imagine and listen every day.I LOVE your book called postcards from pismo! My faviorite part was what if you go to school on a saturday that was funny. I did not you were Four years old when you started writting thats young!

    your reader,
    Joshua Major

  9. Mr. Sharp's student says:

    Dear Mr. Scotto,

    Thank you for comming to our school. All of the fourth grade is writing you thank you letters. I apereicate the time that you take out of your day to come see our school.My favorite part of your visit was when you signed our books. I like how you are so happy with what you do.In your visit I learned how to become a great writer.I will always remeber the steps to become a great writer.

  10. Mr.sharp's student says:

    Dear MR.scotto,

    Thanks a ton mr.scotto.Im am so looking forward to kidd on keys.one quition how many books have you read

    your fan

    • Weston,
      To be honest, I read so many books that I’ve lost count.

      This year, though, I plan on reading at least one hundred chapter books, plus more picture books and graphic novels. (And maybe some joke books!)

      Thanks for writing!
      – Michael

  11. Mr. Sharp's Student says:

    Dear Mr.Scotto,

    Thank you for visiting our school and sighning books! Than you, also for sharing the 4 rules! The one that stuck out to me the most was the 3rd, imagine. Right when you started talking about the what if game I had a very cool story starting to form in my head. By the way , how are Latasha, Felix, and of course Ella? Well someday I want to be an author like you and other authurs I like at least hearing somebody saying,”Her books are cool!”

    A big fan of yours,

    Blizzard Blaze Ocaen Windy Thunder!(Khadijah)

    • Ear Khadijah,

      Thanks so much for writing! I had a wonderful time visiting your school. You should write your story down! That would be great practice (practice, practice). Latasha, Ella, and Felix are all doing great. :)

      Your friend, Michael

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