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Happy book birthday to me!

To those who might have been waiting for an update — I apologize for my lateness. March has contained a quick succession of several sad events, and they’ve sort of derailed me from my typical posting habits.

But I couldn’t skip posting today! Because today is a wonderful day. Today is the birthday of my new novel, Latasha and the Kidd on Keys.

To celebrate, I’ll (finally) give a quick recap of the time I spent on the road in my new book’s honor at the end of February and in early March. In no particular order, here are some images from my grueling, gratifying, electrifying, fantastical Latasha launch!

Everywhere I went, I got the Rockstar Treatment. I was greeted with signs…

Minges Brook Elementary

Door artwork…

Door Artwork!

Wall decorations…

Wall decorations!

And by tons of excited kids!!

Strike a pose!

More school visit fun!

Questions abound!

And here I am doing my world-class Randy Savage impression. (Maybe? Probably not.)

All in all, it was a great trip to the Midwest and back. I drove a couple thousand miles, a spoke with a couple thousand kids, and managed to stop at a Burger King in every single state I visited. (That last part was unplanned.)

Now this is the way to launch a book. Thanks to all my new friends in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for letting me bend your ear about reading and writing!

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