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An Exciting Opportunity!

I break my months-long radio silence to share with you some exciting news!

You know, 2013 has been something of a roller coaster year for me. Triumph, heartbreak — all the ingredients that make a life.

Happily, I can say now that I’ll be ending the year on a high note.

My beloved city of Pittsburgh recently elected a new mayor, Bill Peduto. It’s my honor to announce that I’ve been invited to serve on our new mayor’s Transition Committee. I’ll be working with a number of my fellow citizens to develop initiatives for the incoming administration to pursue in its first 100 days.

I won’t officially know on which of the eight Transition Teams I’ll be serving until after Thanksgiving. Wherever I land, though — be it Education & Neighborhood Re-Investment or elsewhere — I am so proud to give back to Pittsburgh, which has given me so much. (And I’m not just talking about the sweet background image on this website.) I can’t wait to build something wonderful.

EDIT: I am indeed on the Education & Neighborhood Re-Investment team; as these are my most personal issues, I’m really excited to make a difference there.

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