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Happy book birthday to me!

To those who might have been waiting for an update — I apologize for my lateness. March has contained a quick succession of several sad events, and they’ve sort of derailed me from my typical posting habits. But I couldn’t skip posting today! Because today is a wonderful day. Today is the birthday of my […]

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A Special Message

A special note for the kids I’m visiting on next week’s tour.


My 1st Fall 2012 Appearance

Hey everyone, if you’re in the Western PA area, I’m going to be signing, selling, and holding a story time at this year’s Bridgewater BookFest on Saturday, September 15th. I believe I’ll be doing a reading of Nothing but the Truth, silly Ink-voices and all — perhaps at 12:30? Double-check with me closer to the […]

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Latasha and the Kidd on Keys launch tour update

It’s a mere six months away — my school tour to celebrate the release of Latasha and the Kidd on Keys, my new novel. I’ve mentioned the tour once before, in the entry My Year of School Visits. So far, I’ve got a few schools lined up, with over 1,000 students in attendance between them. […]


ALA Annual – Postscript

I’m almost fully over the jetlag from my trip to the Wild West, so I wanted to do a quick write-up. First, and most importantly, thanks to all of my new visitors who met me at the Midlandia Press booth! (Here it is, pre-show.) It was awesome to meet everyone, and I hope to work […]

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