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Plans for this Blog

All right — so I’ve decided that I’ve either got to shutter this ‘blog’ thing, or start writing in it more regularly. Right now, regularity wins the day. I’ve decided that I will post a minimum of three times a week on here. From here on out, I’ll be posting at a minimum on Tuesdays, […]

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I Want You!

To review my book, that is. The book in question? Why, this one, of course. Why do I want you, specifically, to review my book? Because I’ve had two novels published, and from that experience I’ve learned that my online community of readers — bloggers, educators, fellow book-nerds — are my absolute best promoters. From […]


1st review of Latasha and the Kidd on Keys

I spotted the very first review of Latasha and the Kidd on Keys this morning. The verdict? “Add it to your ‘want to read” list now!” — Maria’s Mélange (There are other neat book recommendations there as well.) Here’s where you can do as Maria says and add Latasha to your ‘want to read’ list. […]

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Latasha Advance Reading Copies!

The time has come, and I couldn’t be more excited. I am finally able to share ARCs for my upcoming novel, Latasha and the Kidd on Keys. Well, there’s a catch — at the moment, I’ve only got eARCs to share. It’ll be a couple of weeks until the print ARCs will be available to […]

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A Bit of Publicity

A couple weeks back, I had a great conversation with a friend of mine from grad school, Regina Anderson. Regina is quite well-known in Pittsburgh, especially in the non-profit scene. She serves as the Director of the Regional Internship Center of Southwestern PA, and works to attract and retain talent in the region. Regina and […]

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