Novels by Michael Scotto

Latasha and the Kidd on Keys

illustrations by Evette Gabriel

Latasha Gandy returns in a new tale about family and friendship. Now in fourth grade, Latasha’s got a busy and full life–a goofy best friend, a loving mom, a wild and wiggly dog. But something is missing: her father, a traveling musician whom she barely knows. This novel traces Latasha’s efforts to bond with her dad as she tackles the challenges of life as an almost-ten-year-old.

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Published March 19, 2013.

List Price: $10.99 US | ISBN: 978-0-9837243-9-1

Postcards from Pismo

illustrations by Dion Williams

A novel told in letters, emails, and postcards, this story traces a sensitive California boy’s life and struggles through the pen pal friendship he forms with a soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

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Published May 15, 2012.

List Price: $10.99 US | ISBN: 978-0-9837243-6-0

Latasha and the Little Red Tornado

illustrations by Evette Gabriel

A girl who can’t wait to grow up…a puppy that refuses to. Young readers are sure to enjoy this heartwarming tale about maturity, improvisation, and one wild little dog.

Click the cover to learn more about Latasha.

Published November 15, 2011.

List Price: $10.99 US | ISBN: 978-0-9837243-0-8

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